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A Call to Prayer

Posted by Giada on 04/29/21
To the Faithful:

Of all the expressions of faith, perhaps the most intimate is the discipline of prayer. It is in this manner that we make ourselves vulnerable to the gods, giving due worship and the submission our hearts before them and their will.

The Fleet sails.

As in times past, we are called to prayer. For those who remain in Arx, we will come before the gods to ask for their favour and protection. We will implore them to bless the Fleet and those souls who fight against our enemies and their designs.

As the Great Cathedral nears its consecration, the vigil will be held in Lady Gloria's shrine, a fitting place in which to intercede for our protectors.

Faithful, you have a sacred charge laid before you. Some raise swords. Others raise voices. Let us gather in prayer.

--- Mercy Stance via Azova ---
The Mercies of Lagoma lift our voice in prayer and supplication to the Pantheon as we lift our hands to heal the injured. We look forward to joining the rest of the Faithful in shepherding people through these difficult times.

--- Scholars Stance via Aelgar ---
Prayer is what The Scholars of Vellichor do. Every book we read, every scroll we copy, every student we teach is a prayer of worship and supplication. We will happily join with Archlector Giada and we invite all the furthest reaches of The Compact to sit with us.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
The Templars prayer asks Gloria for a simple thing - it is not victory nor glory, neither silver nor steel. But resolve. To take those steps to do what is right and to hold to our honour to the end, ours or theirs. We will ask for no different in this battle.