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Lord Apollo Darkwater

Posted by Carita on 04/28/21

On this day, the seventeenth of May, 1015AR, in recognition of his service to House Darkwater and its vassals, Apollo Whisper is offered ennoblement and welcomed as a member of our family, to be henceforth known as Lord Apollo Darkwater.

Mercy is no virtue; daring is no vice.

Carita Darkwater, Countess of Darkwater Watch
Minister of Finance for House Thrax

--- Redreef Stance via Ember ---
House Redreef extends its welcome to Lord Apollo as he joins the peerage. He has extended his generosity to this House in the past, and Redreef in turn offers its aid should it ever be required.

--- Tessere Stance via Gaspar ---
It is a fine thing when that which has been part of one's character for so long is recognized in full by title. In this case, Lord Apollo's nobility. Countess Carita has become the newest envy of the Compact having laid claim to him.

--- Bisland Stance via Michael ---
Alas. The tyrannical nobility has once again claimed another fine commoner. One of the best of the Whispers and a wondrous guildmaster. Expectations are going to be far too high for this one, but we are sure of Lord Apollo Darkwater's ability to meet them.

--- Mirrormask Stance via Giada ---
When someone dedicates their life to the pursuit of excellence, when they face the challenges and fears before them with grit and determination, their value is evident long before honours might be bestowed. Good luck, Lord Apollo Darkwater. You've certainly proven your worth.

--- Blackshore Stance via Romulius ---
House Blackshore extends its welcome to Lord Apollo. Long has he conducted himself in a manner becoming of the title and of the weight that it carries, and we will be eternally grateful both for his assistance to Blackshore and to the Compact at large.

--- Whisper Stance via Anisha ---
Lord Apollo has served among the Whispers with distinction and grace, and it comes as no surprise to see him elevated to the peerage. We commend Countess Carita on her fine taste, and wish House Darkwater good fortune.

--- Scholars Stance via Aelgar ---
The Scholars of Vellichor echo the confidence in Lord Apollo Darkwater expressed so commonly in his support. The Compact is richer for having a man of Lord Apollo's quality helping lead us into the future.

--- Culler Stance via Torian ---
We're pleased to see Apollo elevated and trust his work continues to glorify Jayus. We also remind Lord Apollo's loyal costumers that Lowers Leather at Commons Square shall remain commoner owned, with fine leather goods for sale or trade.

--- Ulbran Stance via Raymesin ---
That's a shame. We're going to miss the Master Leatherworker - but probably not as much as the Guild and Whisper House are.

--- Grayhope Stance via Mayir ---
Lord Apollo is an image of courtly grace and leader of others. He will he an asset to the peerage as Darkwater's tide rises again.

--- Telmar Stance via Tesha ---
House Telmar sends its congratulations to Lord Apollo and House Darkwater on this great occassion.

--- Thrax Stance via Victus ---
Truly, no better time and place for the creation of neo-nobles. Congratulations.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House wyvernheart offers Wyvernheart congratulates Lord Apollo on his elevation

--- Inverno Stance via Tyche ---
No matter the mettle of a man, and Apollo has shown himself to be quite the man, you can never change blood.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
Certainly a clear stance that Darkwater stands against Helianthus and their ilk. Congratulations to Lord Apollo, and our comisserations to the Guild and Whispers on their loss, and to all who will not now have the benefit of his exceptional craft.

--- Stormblood Stance via Scylla ---
I recall once being introduced to Master Apollo and more than a handful of his wildly impressive accomplishments. House Stormblood sincerely congratulates him on his adding ennoblement to that list, and welcomes him into the fold.

--- Clement Stance via Adalyn ---
House Clement sends its warmest congratulations to Lord Apollo Darkwater. He has long conducted himself with exemplary grace and distinction, and we are delighted to see his generosity and strength of character acknowledged thus.

--- Clearlake Stance via Acantha ---
House Clearlake is overjoyed to hear the news of Lord Apollo joining the peerage. We will be raising a glass to this.

--- Crafters Guild Stance via Felix ---
The Guild gives thanks for all of the work that Lord Apollo has put in to it and the members. And for all that he's left for us to do now that he's moved on.