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Interim Judgement on Brother Waldo

Posted by Preston on 04/14/21
Some weeks ago Brother Waldo Bellerive uttered heresies that disasters were the condemnation of the Gods, a breach of the teachings of the Faith. I commanded that he should speak no further such heresies before the judgement of his trial, on pain of Silent Reflection. Instead he has chosen to bleat about the death of some Shav former lordling and continue his wild assertions that the Faith is not the representatives of the Gods on Arvum, or that we might have some part in the Shav's death.

While Waldo may fail to honour the Gods, I will have us do so. Skald commands we respect Waldo's choice to breach this clear order, Gloria demands we act with honour, the Sentinel demands we act with justice, and Limerance demands we are true to our word.

Accordingly, Brother Waldo is condemned to the punishment created by my antecedent as Carnifex for those who would violate their duties and responsibilities as members of the Faith. After he is brought to Arx, he will be taken before the Rectory and undergo transformation into a Silent Reflection. This will take place after his trial so he may mount his defense fully, as is proper. If he is found guilty in his trial, this will be in addition to those punishments - though it will be commuted should the sentence of the Star Chamber be for death.

I hope Brother Waldo may find purpose in a lifetime of quiet reflection on his many, many errors.

Sir Preston Godsworn
Carnifex of the Faith
Grandmaster of the Holy Knights of the Temple

--- Mirrormask Stance via Giada ---
Dutifully, the Shrine of the Thirteenth will prepare to receive Brother Waldo among the Silent Reflections.

--- Leporidae Stance via Ezmeralda ---
We cannot fathom how such a cruel punishment does not serve darker powers at work. Silence, butchery and slavery are not ideals.

--- Smiling Shadows Stance ---
We'd love to help with his, um, capture. We have reasonable rates!

--- Tyde Stance via Margot ---
Any sheltering Waldo Bellerive within my realms shall be met within the harshist of punishments. Those who surrender such a traitor may be forgiven should they do so post haste.