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Posted by Raja on 04/08/21
Good evening to all my fellow Arxians from the highest to the very lowest. Tonight, I bring to you plans from the Commoner's Council to bring new and exciting things for the people!

In honor of Archlector Sina Godsworn, plans are being set into motion to build a new Library within the Lowers. It is our hope to bring a tool of empowerment to the people by making knowledge even easier to obtain.

This is the people's project. I am encouraging folk to come and help. We will need manpower to clear out these abandoned buildings and set the foundations of the plaza that the Library will be set upon.

Then, once the foundation is set, the plaza built, the building of the Library may begin. We will need crafters willing to help build shelves and decor to make the Library a place to be proud of.

Then books! The final stage will be collections of books to fill the building with stories and knowledge. It will be a beautiful thing.

--- Thrax Stance via Alarissa ---
Thrax pledges copies of tomes produced by it's residents, to be placed within the library. In memory of Blessed Sina.

--- Mirrormask Stance via Giada ---
Archscholar Sina was fiercely dedicated to the knowledge of Vellichor, as all know, and the Mirrormasks thank the Archscholar for her life's work. and will contibute stories of her friendship with the Shrine as well as funds. In her memory.

--- Crafters Guild Stance via Apollo ---
The Crafters Guild celebrates the empowerment of the people of Arx with access to knowledge, and commits to providing materials on functional craft and fine art, that these pursuits be in reach for all.