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Births and Mournings at Magnotta

Posted by Domonico on 03/30/21

House Magnotta announces that Count Domonico and Countess Aahana welcomed the latest members of Magnotta to the world a few days ago. A boy and a girl were born without complications and are both in extremely good health.

However, this evening, Countess Aahana passed away peacefully in her sleep and entered the embrace of the Queen of Endings.

Count Domonico has named the twins Lady Aahania and Lord Ruslano in honour of their mother and uncle and has announced a time of mourning for House Magnotta.

--- Bisland Stance via Michael ---
House Bisland is saddened by the passing of the Countess Aahana of Magnotta but is confident in the strength of the Count to raise his children.

--- Byrne Stance via Lyra ---
House Byrne sends its deepest condolences to House Magnotta on the loss of their Countess, whilst offering bittersweet congratulations on the safe deliverance of twins. May they know their mother always as her soul returns to The Wheel.

--- Malvici Stance via Martino ---
The loss of the Countess is felt raw by House Malvici and we hope to see their return from the Wheel in good time

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance via Aiden ---
Rubino-Zaffria extends our condolence and expresses our sorrow for the loss of the Countess. May Lady Aahania and Lord Ruslano carry her spirit forward.