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Fiercest Voice of House Tessere

Posted by Gaspar on 03/26/21
In the name of Marquessa Sabine Tessere, and with my unneeded but...voiced support, Lady-General Piccola Tessere is hereby named as Voice for our home, House and family. Ever since her arrival to the capital, she has pushed for a strengthening of positions in Irisical, the Lyceum and the Compact as a whole. There are few more formidable and none more loyal. And there is no more fortunate House in the Compact than us in having her as blood and kin.

In the name of the Marquessa Sabine Tessere,

Marquis Gaspar Tessere
Voice of House Tessere

--- Eurusi Stance via Katarina ---
Drinks in the Black Fox are on Princess Katarina, so long as the drinker toasts General Piccola Tessere.

--- Igniseri Stance via Quenia ---
House Igniseri has every bit of confidence that Lady Piccola will rise to the challenge of her new duties.