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Redrain-Blackram Betrothal

Posted by Gwenna on 03/07/21
It is my genuine pleasure to announce the betrothal between Prince Nazmir Redrain and Lady Ivy Blackram. Upon successful completion of their courtship period, and with the approval of House Redrain, House Blackram, and should the Faith of the Pantheon give their blessing, Prince Nazmir and Lady Ivy shall be joined in marriage. Once so joined, Prince Nazmir will join House Blackram and thenceforth be known as Lord Nazmir Blackram. May the bond this creates strengthen both our Houses for generations to come.

~ Princess Gwenna Redrain

--- Sanna Stance via Cirroch ---
House Sanna of Giant's Reach offers congratulations to Prince Nazmir Redrain and Lady Ivy Blackram. May all find happiness, prosperity, and joy in their impending alliance.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House Wyvernheart Congratulates Lady Ivy and Prince Nazmir on news of their betrothal

--- Telmar Stance via Tesha ---
House Telmar sends its congratulations to House Redrain and House Blackram.

--- Laurent Stance via Mabelle ---
House Laurent offers heartfelt felicitations to House Blackram and House Redrain.