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New Professors

Posted by Orick on 12/21/20
The Arx Chapter of The Apothecary College of Tor is pleased to announce we have appointed three new professors over the summer season.

Professor Lady Medeia Eswynd specializes in midwifery and has a natural affinity for the healing arts. An expert in the craft of producing healing salves and other herbal remedies.

Professor Count-Consort Evander Darkwater specializes in history and will be teaching classes part time at the College as a way to expand our student's access to lore.

Professor Emberly specializes in metals, magnetism and has been aiding the effort to produce Arvani Fire for war. Her appointment as a professor is intended to show our resounding support for her skillsets and acknowledge her tireless efforts for good even in the face of adversity.

Please congratulate all of our new professors! We welcome eveyone to visit Tor Plaza and look into joining the College as a student, the position of Professor is currently closed but as our numbers grow there will be more promotions from within.

If you aren't already enrolled, consider a career in Apothecary work!