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Farshaw Birth

Posted by Ryhalt on 12/09/20
Duchess-Consort Clover Farshaw has given birth to Lord Ryland Farshaw. Both are well and safe and will be accepting visitors soon!

Duke Ryhalt Farshaw

--- Seraceni Stance via Dio ---
House Seraceni celebrates the arrival of the latest Seafarer. May Mangata and Gild shower him with blessings.

--- Ashford Stance via Lisebet ---
Congratulations to House Farshaw and welcome to Lord Ryland! Emilie, Brannen and Garrick look forward to meeting their new cousin!

--- Eswynd Stance via Norah ---
Eswynd extends its heartiest congratulations to the Farshaws!

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House Wyvernheart congratulates Duke and Duchess Farshaw on the birth of their son Rylan

--- Laurent Stance via Mabelle ---
House Laurent offers warm congratulations to House Farshaw for the new addition to their lives. May the child grow to be strong and wise as his parents.