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Thrax Voices

Posted by Victus on 12/01/20
Princess Alarissa and Princess Natasha shall be joining Duchess Margot as Voices of House Thrax. They shall speak with my authority and provide wise counsel as we navigate these troubled times.

Tears in our wake, never at our wake.

Prince Victus Thrax
Prince of Maelstrom, High Lord of the Mourning Isles

--- Amadeo Stance via Duarte ---
Princess Alarissa is of course a spectacular choice.

--- Redreef Stance via Ember ---
House Redreef has faith that the Princesses will help lead Thrax in slaughtering the Eurusi fleet and the apostates.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
We congratulate the new voices, and Prince Victus on his wisdom on selecting a Templar as a voice. We have found they tend to give the best advice.

--- Triarchy Stance ---
Much like the Templars, we're also great at giving advice.

--- Igniseri Stance via Quenia ---
House Igniseri applauds Prince Victus for his wise decision. We have every confidence in both Princesses to do a job well done.

--- Blackshore Stance via Aedric ---
A formal congratulations to the Pearl of the Isles and Princess Natasha. We can think of none more capable to fulfill the responsibilities of Voice and look forward to all future collaboration.

--- Grimhall Stance via Valdemar ---
House Grimhall congratulates Princess Natasha Thrax on the trust placed in her, and our lieges on the wisdom of investing authority in such a capable person.

--- Malvici Stance via Martino ---
A full congratulations to House Thrax and both Princesses on the roles