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On Seeking Waldo

Posted by Preston on 11/27/20
As the Faith unites, so it is time that we bind over our wounds so we may press forward with our holy work. Following the decision of the Conclave and confirmed by the Most Holy, and affixed by my own seal as Carnifex of the Faith and Grandmaster of the Templars, Brother Waldo Bellerive is required to present himself to the Holy Knights of the Temple for conduct in chains to Arx and to the Star Chamber of the Faith.

There he is to stand trial before the Faith, prosecuted by the Archlector of the Sentinel, on the charges as follows: Heresy; Schismatic Acts; Profanity; Oathbreaking; Murder; and Treason against the Gods by way of the Faith. He will be provided with the Archlector of the Thirteenth to defend him, should he be unable to find any other who will stand in his defense. If he does not present himself, he may be tried in his absence without his own words to defend his acts. His guilt and innocence may then be decided justly.

To those few Brothers and Sisters of the Order who, through an understandable but misguided loyalty to a former Seraph, find themselves within his camp? Let his claims be tried before the Faith and heard, and this wound healed. Bring him to Arx, and rejoin the Order in obedience to Gloria. And if he resists, I naturally pardon you for his injuries sustained in this most holy act - these things do happen.

Ordered by my hand,
Sir Preston Godsworn
Carnifex of the Faith, Grandmaster of the Holy Knights of the Temple