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Convocation of the Faith

Posted by Aureth on 11/27/20
The Convocation was called, and the leadership of the Faith has met. At the conclusion of our deliberations and prayers, the Church has determined that I shall serve as Dominus, and I have accepted the post with solemnity and with a renewal of my vows of loyalty to the gods. Hamish Farmer has been elevated to the rank of Legate of the Lost, Shepherd of the Faith. Father Hamish will join Legate Ailith, Legate Bianca and Legate Cassandra in the fine Oathlands tradition of being a Voice of the Dominus.

The Faith will endure, in stability and in strength. We will uphold the true traditions of the Faith, rebuild the Cathedral that has hosted us for centuries, and strike back at those enemies that would rive us apart. We look to our brothers and sisters across all of Arvum to stand with us and embrace the authority of the Church.

In service to the Faith,

Most Holy Aureth, Dominus of the Faith, Closest to the Gods

--- Triarchy Stance ---
Congratulations. Rest assured, we'll be praying for you.

--- Grayhope Stance via Mayir ---
What do the Valardin and Grayhope families have in common? We've both had Dominuses of the Faith! GOOOOO MOST HOLY AURETH, PATRON CLOSEST TO THE GODS!

--- Amadeo Stance via Duarte ---
In the face of hostility our traditions and Faith do not bend. We applaud the dilligence of the convocation and recognize Aureth Grayhope as The Most Holy and Closest to the Gods.

--- Seraceni Stance via Dio ---
The people of Ischia follow the Shepherd of the true Faith. May the gods forever bless and guide Dominus Aureth.

--- Eswynd Stance via Norah ---
House Eswynd welcomes Dominus Aureth in faith and love.

--- Aetheris Stance ---
House Aetheris and the White Stewards stand behind Dominus of the Faith Aureth. The White Stewards declare intent to stand behind Her Most Holy, as elected. Our line is drawn.

--- Grimhall Stance via Valdemar ---
Grihem's Point holds to the true traditions of the Faith, praying that the Gods guide Dominus Aureth well through the coming storm.

--- Byrne Stance via Lyra ---
Cedar Vale welcomes the news that The Convocation has successfully concluded and elected a successor to our beloved Dominus Orazio. Welcome Dominus Aureth, may the gods guide your hand.

--- Deathspeakers Stance via Felicia ---
The Deathspeakers recognize and welcome the guidance of the new Dominus.

--- Harlequins Stance via Evaristo ---
To say that we are chuffed to bits is an understatement. I'll start planning the party!

--- Ashford Stance via Lisebet ---
House Ashford welcomes and congratulates Dominus Aureth.

--- Laurent Stance via Cristoph ---
House Laurent congratulates Dominus Aureth on his permanent and thoroughly proper appointment to his position.

--- Crovane Stance via Rysen ---
House Crovane celebrates the results of the Convocation and the will of the gods in the election of Dominus Aureth.

--- Pravus Stance via Adrienne ---
We thank Limerance and Gloria for the courage of the Convocation and stand with the Faith against imposters, apostates, and invaders. Dominus Aureth Grayhope, may the gods guard and guide you as you guard and guide the Faithful.

--- Shepherd Stance via Delilah ---
House Shepherd celebrates with the Faith at the continuity and hope brought by Dominus Aureth's appointment. May the gods watch over you and the Compact.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
The Templars serve the Faith, as they always have. Unbending and unwavering in their duty to our shared ideals. With the Orthodoxy behind the Dominus, we hope he will achieve much.

--- Spirit Walkers Stance via Khanne ---
Most Holy Aureth, Dominus of the Faith. The convocation has made a wise decision indeed. May you continue to walk the path of the Gods with honor for all your days. Praise be to the Gods.

--- Keaton Stance via Reigna ---
House Keaton celebrates the life of our lost Dominus and rejoices in the selection of the newly chosen Most Holy Dominus Aureth. The Faith has chosen well, and may the gods continue to bless their newest Voice.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House Wyvernheart congratulates dominus Aureth. May wisdom be your guide in the most holy duty. We stand with the faith

--- Fortier Stance via Shae ---
House Fortier congratulates the most holy Dominus Aureth on his new appointment, and celebrates with all of Arvum in this most blessed occasion.