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House Mazetti Offers its Condolences...

Posted by Cambria on 11/17/20
To all the eligible bachelors of Arvum. Lady Alessia Mazetti has (finally, cries the chorus) been wed in a private ceremony to Prince Donatello Velenosa. The clever fox sheds his fur for scales, and shall hence forth be known as Lord Donatello Mazetti. Peace be upon him. A donation for this glory (tragedy, we hear yet others say) shall, of course, be made to the true Faith, and free drinks are to be had at the most popular establishment in each of the city's wards.

--- Crovane Stance via Clara ---
More wonderful news! Congratulations to the couple. Crovane wishes them long lives, many strong children, and much joy.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Drake ---
House Wyvernheart offers our congratulations - and condolences, as they are due.

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
"Donat-el-go!" the Velenosa Estate cried, I assume, before realizing that this is an absolutely stellar match. Congrats.

--- Laurent Stance via Mabelle ---
House Laurent is utterly shocked they were not invited but sends their hearty congratulations.