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New Twilight Court Ambassador

Posted by Kathivor on 11/17/20
People of the Compact,

Greetings and best wishes from the Twilight Court. It seems that you’re all very busy right now, so I will do my best to keep this brief and spare the criers’ throats. I am known as Kathivor, and by the grace of His Majesty, King Calithex of the Nox’Alfar, have been appointed to be the new Ambassador of the Twilight Court. I will be taking up residence in the Nox’Alfar Embassy, so please excuse any signs of renovation, destruction, or intermittent screaming. Everything is fine.

The previous Ambassador, Lady Nekarris Spiderbat, will remain at the Embassy, as the appointed Head of Nox’Alfar Culture, Habits, and Follies, until such time as she wants to do something else, or someone offers her another, more interesting, position.

It is my mandate from King Calithex to strengthen ties between the Twilight Court and the Compact, and I look forward to working with you in this endeavor. After some study of previous interactions between the Compact and foreign emissaries of various lands, it seems prudent to set some boundaries, that our relationship grows and thrives from the fertile ground of mutual understanding. Thus, let it be known that anyone showing disrespect or insult to Twilight Court personnel on Embassy grounds will be hurled with great force in a random direction. There may be a wall, floor, or ceiling in the way. There may not be. It will be, as they say, a surprise every time. It is my sincere hope that we do not have too many surprises.

In the meantime, please consider me open to receiving diplomatic contacts, now and in the future. I have every faith that the Compact will come through this time of turmoil with most people still alive.

With regards and hope for the future,
Kathivor, Ambassador

(OOC: Kathivor is a new NPC. He’ll be facilitating some Nox-related plots and explorations. As with any Nox’Alfar, interactions are not guaranteed to be useful. Or even safe. Character damage may ensue, interact with at your own risk, and all of that.)

--- Whisper Stance via Bliss ---
I do so look forward to visiting with our allies again soon, and do prepare that thing for me. You know the one.