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One Less Sail on the Horizon

Posted by Ryhalt on 11/14/20
Last time I addressed you, it was pleasure to announce an elevation to the nobility and official recognition of a family member. Today is different. I impart to you that one of my cousins threatens to poison the wife of a married man with the purpose replacing her as wife. Therefore, I revoke Lady Emberly Farshaw's noble status as a Ducal Lady. Further, Farshaw disowns her as a family member. Henceforward she be known only as Emberly, a commoner.

She, along with her belongings, will be escorted from the Westrock Commons ward and she will no longer be welcome within its bounds. She no longer holds any favor with Farshaw. We owe her nothing except our deepest contempt.

The horizon is ours. It is hers no longer.

By my hand,
Duke Ryhalt Farshaw
Lord of Westrock Reach

--- Harlequins Stance via Hamish ---

--- Valardin Stance via Zara ---
House Valardin no longer welcomes someone dangerous, and quite frankly bizarre, in our lands. She is no longer a member of the fealty.

--- Harthall Stance via Sunniva ---
Times are dark, and threats from within our own Houses cannot be tolerated. Harthall stands behind Farshaw in this matter; Emberly is no longer welcome on any Harthall lands.

--- Laurent Stance via Mabelle ---
House Laurent stands by Duke Ryhalt's difficult but honorable decision.

--- Amadeo Stance via Duarte ---
A plot so gruesome it's almost splendid! A fair price to pay for being caught I'd say.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
A most shocking turn if true - Oathlanders and Poison? It is practically Lycnee - and yet even they would tut at the carelessness of discussing it so openly. Whatever the reason, we are glad the Duke places his house's honour before its pride.

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance via Aureth ---
The Faith supports Duke Farshaw in this difficult choice. We hope that penitence and humility will come for the commoner known as Emberly.

--- Apothecary College Stance via Orick ---
Not my place to speak on her loss of title, I attest only that Emberly has always been an upstanding student. I would never think her capable of something so sinister. In my eyes she is trustworthy, we all speak in passion and ire in our youth. Foolish, perhaps? Dangerous, no.

--- Seryn Stance via Iseulet ---
House Seryn supports this decision and bans her outright from their holdings.

--- The Empyrean Stance via Iseulet ---
Also hereby banned from the Empyrean.

--- Suspires Stance via Miraj ---
Lessons on diplomacy, empathy, seduction, and etiquette as provided by myself through the Suspires now half off! This month only!

--- Nox Stance ---
A poisoning that wasn't even attempted? Get rid of someone if you want, but the Oathlands still can't take a joke.

--- Triarchy Stance ---
Between this and the Dominus, the Funny Ones really need to work to reassert their monopoly.