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Fortifcation and Retinue Restrictions Terminated

Posted by Alaric on 11/04/20
Since the Crownbreaker Wars, when House Thrax brought its armies into the city and usurped the throne, it was necessary for a limit to be placed upon the amount of soldiers the noble houses were allowed within the city so that such travesties were not allowed to happen again.

The laws which governed the number of soldiers allowed in Arx, and the number of each noble's retinue, have been reviewed and found to be lacking. Therefore, from this day forward, the restrictions are now lifted to allow for increased measures of safety and defense of the six fealty wards and the homes built within them. Strict records will be maintained of the fealties and the numbers of soldiers currently present within the city, and going forward, with needed modification to current methods to be changed in the near future.

By my hand, 4/27/1014 AR,
King Alaric Grayson IV

--- Thrax Stance via Victus ---
House Thrax praises King Alaric IV and the Crown's wise decision for a better protected city.

--- Velenosa Stance via Jaenelle ---
House Velenosa will need ownership transferred of Redrain's or Valardin's ward to house our armies.

--- Valardin Stance via Alis ---
House Valardin looks forward to the sight of more Valardin Knights marching around! Also, 'not it' on ownership transfer.

--- Iron Guard Stance via Jyri ---
The Iron Guard looks forward to having more soldiers to share drinks with on their off days. We'll help them homewards if they get too drunk. We are also quietly wondering if the acronym of this is deliberate, or a very hilarious coincidence.