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Valardin Banner Call

Posted by Alis on 10/23/20
As our vassals have been notified of our intent, House Valardin now formally calls our banners to battle. We will abide no slavers, we will abide no apostates, we will abide no imposters that try to bring their scourge to the shores of the Compact. When you come for our allies, you come for us as well. With our Faith we will face them unflinching, with our Honor we will engage them in battle and fulfill once again our ancient oaths to stand between evil and the innocent.

Steel Bends, Honor Holds.

Princess Alis Valardin
Princess of Sanctum
High Lord of the Oathlands

--- Blanchard Stance via Philippe ---
The Warhorses keep their vows. We ride with Valardin.

--- Laurent Stance via Cristoph ---
House Laurent answers the call. Steel Bends, Honor Holds.

--- Keaton Stance via Kael ---
Where you go, we shall follow. House Keaton heeds the call.

--- Clement Stance via Adalyn ---
House Clement heeds the call. We stand faithfully alongside our fellow Oathlanders.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Richard ---
Let no one say that House Wyvernheart does not rise when the Compact is threatened.

--- Greenmarch Stance via Monique ---
House Greenmarch heeds the call of Valardin and stands ready to defend the Compact. We are confident the forces of Prince Damik'uhl'daja will follow suit.

--- Rivenshari Stance via Eshra ---
Rivenshari's waters flow with Valardin's. Our's is yours.

--- Farshaw Stance via Ryhalt ---
House Farshaw accepts the call.

--- Telmar Stance via Tesha ---
House Telmar will answer Valardin's call as well.

--- Fortier Stance via Shae ---
House Fortier stands with Valardin, and answers the call.

--- Moore Stance via Brigid ---
We will continue to help the Compact grow greater. With steed and steel, Moore hears the call.

--- Blackram Stance via Gaston ---
House Blackram stands ready and answers the call.