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Redreef Ministers

Posted by Ember on 10/18/20
In the interest of continued cooperation and stronger diplomatic and trade ties between the Mourning Isles and the Saffron Chain, Princess Viviana Pravus, one of the Voices of the Great House Pravus, the Silver Lion, and the Sword of Setarco, has accepted the additional responsibility of Minister of Income for Redreef Shores. The Barony is honored to receive the help of someone from such lofty stations, and from this small alliance hopes to grow Isles-Saffron trade into something truly mighty.

Additionally, the protege of the Baroness, Miraj Roumier, has been appointed the Redreef Shores Minister of Loyalty. It is the Barony's sincere belief that Minister Roumier's finely honed skills and sharp, perceptive mind will allow her to thrive in this new set of responsibilities, and thus reward the Baroness's faith in her.

The Surface Deceives.

Baroness Ember Redreef