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Another Minister Appointment

Posted by Magnus on 09/21/20

Due to the shifting nature and need to adapt and change, the military foundations that have served the People well upon our mountain will no longer suffice when engaging in militaristic efforts revolving around not guarding the pass to the Everwinter. Such as when time comes that the Wardens of the People will have to march on more even terrain.

To that end, I have named my wife, Marquessa Halla Stahlben nee Blackfrost as the Warchief of Bonespire. As tradition dictates, during times of war, it will be the Warchief that speaks for and leads the People. Given her length of service and experience during her time in Queenspeak, I see her doing well in teaching the Bone Wardens new ways to adapt and learn.

So it is written, so it is done,
Marquis Magnus Stahlben