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Voice of Valardin

Posted by Alis on 09/12/20
In line with the increased need for military presence and coordination within the Oathlands, I have decided to appoint an additional Voice who is familiar with these matters.

On this sixth day, of the first month, of one thousand and fourteen AR, Marquis Kael Keaton of Oakhaven is granted all of the rights, privileges, responsibilities (and meetings) that come with the duty of serving as a plenipotentiary of House Valardin. Congratulations and consolation are due in equal measure! May the Gods guide him well.

By my hand,
Princess Alis Valardin
Highlord of the Oathlands

--- Keaton Stance via Reigna ---
House Keaton is overjoyed to be of further service to Valardin and humbly thinks that the Highlord Alis has made an excellent choice.

--- Clement Stance via Margerie ---
House Clement is pleased to hear of the Marquis' elevation to Voice of Valardin. Congratulations, and may Valardin be ever stronger.

Lady Margerie Clement, Baroness Consort of Duskshire

--- Mazetti Stance via Hadrian ---
We of House Mazetti are thrilled at the news of Marquis Keaton's newest duty. He's a fine, stable choice. Good choice, Oathlandianers!

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House Wyvernheart congratulates Lord Kael Keaton on being named a voice of Valardin!

--- Telmar Stance via Tesha ---
House Telmar is happy to hear this news and has faith that Marquis Kael will do a wonderful job with his new duties.