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Appointment of Sentinel's Prosecutor and Defender

Posted by Avary on 08/28/20
The pursuit of justice in the areas of the courts of the Faith and Crown has a time-honored tradition requiring two champions that independently argue and battle before the judge on truths and facts, so the Sentinel's judgement can be achieved and the right decisions made. It is also a time-honored tradition when it comes to leaders making decisions that impact others. Not to have the popular decision at the time, but that the responsibility which comes with the finality of judgement is wielded effectively and properly.

As I've been requested by the legates to review goodman Ras not dealt with his recent judgement barring him from holy ground, after consideration, I appoint the following two individuals as aides to my office so that I might make well-considered final recommendations to the Faith, Crown and individuals accused on this matter and future matters that rise to the office of the Sentinel's Archlector.

As Sentinel's Prosecutor: Lord Cyril Melaeris. He will work with the Iron Guard, Inquisition, Faith, magistrates and lieges who request to investigate, test and submit claims of guilt against accused when the Faith, Crown or any lieges requesting a prosecutor for a trial to avoid using their Swords and ensure a prosecutor is available that has high legal training. He'll advise and raise issues of breaches of tradition and laws of the Faith on any issues I am personally reviewing.

As Sentinel's Defender and Tehom's Advocate: Anisha Whisper, fourth reflection of the 13th's disciples. She will offer defense for any and all who are accused, no matter their presumed guilt. Furthermore, she will offer contrarian opinions and advice regarding any matters given to me.

Working together may these two assist in ensuring the Sentinel's grace, mercy and justice be found as judgement is wielded with finality and bring us closer to the ideals of the gods.

--- Amadeo Stance via Duarte ---
Such ado over a common churl, I can only suppose he's a very special one.