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A Dragon Departing

Posted by Edain on 08/06/20
I never expected to rule the Oathlands.

The Tragedy at Sanctum is something that will haunt me for the rest of my days, taking from me not only those I cared about, but also the highlord that should be ruling still, and my brother who deserved to rule in time. But we must all do what is expected of us, and while I was never worthy of it, I served as Highlord of the Oathlands through the Silent War, through the difficult years of our king laid low, and then of the Gyre's attack. And through it all, I served with the finest Voices in the realm. With Princess Alis Valardin, the Champion of the West. With Duchess Isabeau Telmar ne Valardin, who helps fill the void left by Arn after his tragic death. With Duke Cristoph Laurent, perhaps the finest Duke in Arvum who has kept Artshall secure throughout constant struggle. With Princess Zara Valardin, the Gilded Dragon. All of the Oathlands know their quality, and it has been my greatest honor to serve with them, and it was a duty I expected to see until my death.

I never expected to rule, and never wished to be the Highlord of the Oathlands. But in matters of duty, expectation and desire are not considerations for a Valardin. And now I have a different duty.

I hearby abdicate rule of the Oathlands, and name Princess Alis Valardin as Princess of Sanctum and Highlord of the Oathlands. I am called to Eurus, and must travel to the East on the gravest of matters, in the hope that the Dune Kingdoms of Eurus will hold against the so-called Dune Emperor, who claims to be our lost King Alaric Grayson III. I do not expect to return.

May the Pantheon protect us all,
Prince Edain Valardin, a Knight of Sanctum

--- Igniseri Stance via Quenia ---
House Igniseri remembers we were almost family at one time. We stand with Princess Alis as the new High Lord of Valardin and offer our support where possible.

--- Tessere Stance via Sabine ---
How delicious, a bloodless transition of power. Well... almost bloodless.

--- Thrax Stance via Victus ---
Good luck. We hope you do not die. Congratulations to Princess Alis, may she rule well.

--- Keaton Stance via Kael ---
House Keaton respects Prince Edain's call to action and follows the new High Lord as they did the old. Long may the Princess of Sanctum rule.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House Wyvernheart stands ready for duty and service to High Lord Princess Ailis Valardin. May she rule in honor and glory!

--- Templars Stance via Cassandra ---
May the Compact rally around High Lord Princess Alis Valardin in this time of change. May Gloria guide and strengthen Prince Edain on his quest to confront the Dune Emperor and return him safely to our shores.

--- Farshaw Stance via Ryhalt ---
Farshaw continues to proudly serve Valardin through this transition and beyond.

--- Laurent Stance via Cristoph ---
House Laurent recognizes and follows the rule of High Lord Alis Valardin. Long may she rule.

--- Aetheris Stance ---
The White Stewards give their prayers for Prince Edain and his noble cause. May the Pantheon smile upon his honorable venture.

--- Moore Stance via Rane ---
House Moore prays for the guidance and protection of Prince Edain and stands ready to aid the Oathlands and the Compact in whatever means Princess Alis may require.

--- Amadeo Stance via Duarte ---
The execution of duty in spite of want should be an inspiration to us all. Farewell on your journey.

--- Telmar Stance via Tesha ---
House Telmar will miss Prince Edain, but they know that he has left the Oathlands in the best hands. We stand ready to follow High Lord Alis to the end.