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Knights of Freedom

Posted by Preston on 07/23/20
The Crusade we embark upon is one against slavers. The changes that come to our society are ones that see us seek the purest freedom for all people, and the universal acceptance of Skald's choice. These are often difficult things to achieve - they require great social change for some of us to adjust to this, they require great cost, and as we tackle the Eurusi and other slavers, they require of some the fullest measure of our devotion in laying down our lives for the ideals of the Gods that we love.

I have asked a great deal of the Liberators to help educate those captured slave-soldiers of the Eurusi, and the Liberators have also done a great deal. They have faced risks in the past and we have, as is our duty, rushed to protect them when that threat manifested. It is time that, as we do for the Archive and for the places of Death, the Templars recognise that the Liberators have a special duty with unique risks and this requires a special group dedicated to guard them and to champion those ideals within our own order.

As of this day we begin to establish a new small force within the order, dedicated to protecting the Liberators and who will take oaths to uphold Skald's choice as they do to Gloria and Limerance. The Knights of Freedom. They will accompany the Liberators on their tasks, and they will champion efforts within the Templars to tackle slavery, which has so recently proven it is a force in our lands. I invite any Godsworn brothers and sisters who wish to assist in this to send a messenger to the Arx Chapter House.

Sir Preston Godsworn, Carnifex of the Faith

--- Corsetina Stance via Mirari ---
Until every chain is broken.

--- Redrain Stance via Darren ---
House Redrain fully supports the idea of this new order of knights and will gladly offer support should it be desired.

--- Order of East Light Stance via Sorrel ---
We stand with the Templars and the Knights of Freedom!

--- Harlequins Stance via Evaristo ---
The Harlequins applaud and cheer this Glorious move, and Skald support the strive for freedom for all till Death. Limerence might occur for these knights, they'll probably be real popular. Homefully it won't be a Knightmare.

--- King's Own Stance via Corban ---
Silver taught that each person is imbued with a unique soul, spun by Death, and has an irreducible dignity. May the Knights of Freedom uphold these ideals.

--- Stahlben Stance via Magnus ---
Honorable. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings and there should always be those who stand in that right's defense.

--- Gold Order Stance via Alexis ---
The Gold Order proudly stands with the Knights of Freedom in their battle.