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Heartfelt Thanks to our Most Generous Recent Donors

Posted by Valencia on 07/12/20
My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends,

On behalf of the Golden Hart, it is with deep gratitude and the greatest of pleasure that I would like to acknowledge and thank the following generous individuals and houses who offered their kind assistance to the Hart as we raised funds to help bring relief to those in need.

Lord Alban of Farshaw, Lady Amieli of Igniseri; Lady Braelynn of Deepwood on behalf of House Deepwood, Prince Dimitri of Velenosa, Baroness Lucita of Saik, Lady Piccola of Tessere on behalf of House Tessere and our other generous donors who wish to remain anonymous at this time.

Thanks to generous gifts such as these we are able to continue to raise spirits and offer help where it is most needed so that we can do our part to help ensure our realm's strength and success. We know in our hearts that so much can be achieved when we all work together like this.

Thank again to our generous supporters - past, present and future. Your kindness and vision for a better world and future is ever an inspiration to us.

Humbly presented, by my hand,
with sincerest gratitude and pleasure,

The Princess Valencia Velenosa
Keeper of the Golden Hart