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Bisland Delights

Posted by Michael on 07/10/20
Bisland is aggrieved to announce its attempts at preventing the successful breeding of Peacock and Peahen within its stable was for nought and today five new peachicks were born to bedlam and mayhem in the way of 'music' of happy parents. This is a joyous time as House Bisland continues to fulfill duty and honor and continue to breed these wonderful creatures.

Please send condolences to the stablemaster.

Michael Bisland

--- Deepwood Stance via Samantha ---
One of those is mine, right? Deepwood sends it's -deepest- condolences.

--- Thrax Stance via Victus ---
That's great, but I don't see anything about free drinks.

--- Bisland Stance via Michael ---
Bisland will pay the bar tabs at the Badger Boardinghouse for the rest of the evening.

--- Wyvernheart Stance via Kiera ---
House Wyvernheart congratulates Bisland on their chickens. May they one day lay good eggs.