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To The Compact of Arvum

Posted by Alaric on 06/19/20
By now, the events of Sungreet and the message of the apostate known as Ivan Helianthus, have echoed across the Compact. And though he has turned his back upon the Compact to follow who he claims to be my father, I cannot deny that there is a truth to his words: The Compact he knew is no more.

Since its birth over a thousand years ago, the Compact of Arvum has changed constantly to meet the requirements imposed upon it by time and social contexts. Growth and adaptation has always been necessary in order to survive; to overcome our adversaries and beat back enemies who would stop at nothing to tear us down.

And through all these years, one thing has remained constant: The Five (now six) Kingdoms united when humankind stood at the brink of its own annihilation during the time of the Reckoning. We achieved what we could never do alone: survived and vanquished our foes. We did so again, together, during the Silent War and the war against the Gyre. We'll do so again now against the Dune Emperor and those who swear themselves to him.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

--- Lodge of Petrichor Stance via Leola ---
We see it daily, in the flight of birds and the running of horses and the hunting of wolves. There is strength together.

--- Corsetina Stance via Mirari ---
There is not greater fidelity than to that of our Compact. Common or noble; stand with our Compact and not false kings who abandoned you.

--- Harlequins Stance via Hamish ---
Her Harlequins and the Faith stand with the rightful king against the mysterious Dad From The East.

--- Shepherd Stance via Malcolm ---
Galina says: BOOF BOOF BOOF. Which means: None More Loyal. To the true King and a unified Compact.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
Change, managed and controlled by tradition and faith, is always essential. Let the commands of the Gods guide each step forward, and we shall never find ourselves lost, even if our destination seems far away.

--- Igniseri Stance via Videl ---
The compact will not be quenched.

--- Malvici Stance via Eirene ---
Our blades are ever at the ready to work with the united Compact and its King.