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Crovane Duchesses

Posted by Clara on 06/09/20

Cherished of the Compact,

Out of a deep-seated need to serve Limerence and be with her husband, the former Duchess Fianna Crovane has abdicated to me, her sister, now Duchess Clara Crovane. True to her vows Lady Fianna Crovane has stayed faithful to the spirit of her marriage and done everything she can to find what has happened to her husband.

The former Duke Kaldur Crovane was located and it is with a reverent heart that I announce that he has done his duty to both Gods and Spirits up to the point of his passing. Holding vigil for her lost husband, Lady Fianna Crovane has gone to stay with friends during this difficult time.

I'd like everyone to remember Lady Fianna's service to Crovane as courageous and her abdication as one of the bravest things she's done. She did not do this in weakness but out of love and compassion for her people, House, and family. Please take time to spare some prayers for her and her children in this painful time.

Your support ever appreciated,

Duchess Clara Crovane

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance via Aiden ---
Lady Fianna will be missed. Prayers go out to her and her family at this difficult time. Rubino-Zaffria remains steadfast friends with House Crovane and will support Lady Clara in taking on these new responsibilities.