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Posted by Aureth on 06/08/20
It is the duty of the Faith of the Pantheon to offer guidance to the Faithful on the subject of oaths when they come into conflict.

The apostate known as Ivan Helianthus attempts to sow confusion and dissent, but he is an excommunicated traitor who has rejected the mercy of the Faith and chosen to raise his flag in rebellion against his lawful direct liege.

Allow us to make very clear.

The Most Holy directs, by and through me as his lawful Voice, that the Church upholds our sacred oaths to Alaric Grayson, Fourth of His Name. We reject the pretendership of the self-styled Dune Emperor to the throne of the Compact, for he has partaken in the unholy apostasy of the Dune Kingdoms and rejects the true Faith, to make war and tyranny upon us with arms and infidel strangers. We reject the insults to the Church, to law, to order, and to Her Highness the Queen.

Faithful, the Church raises our sword to defy these infidels and holds our shield up to protect you from their calumniation. We are the Compact and we reject tyranny, slavery, and treason. Stand with us in the light of your sacred honor.

--- Acheron Stance via Rhea ---
Our thoughts and prayers to the poor souls who might buy into Ivan Helianthus' overactive imagination. House Acheron fully supports the rightful Crown and the Faith.

--- Valardin Stance via Alis ---
House Valardin stands firmly behind His Majesty Alaric Grayson, Fourth of His Name, upholding our sacred vows of fealty and duty to our liege. And we strongly oppose those who would dare try to stain the honor of our Compact.

--- Redrain Stance via Darren ---
House Redrain stands by its oaths to the rightful King, Alaric Grayson IV. To the last.

--- Kennex Stance via Aethan ---
House Kennex honors its oaths and stands with the rightful ruler of the Compact, King Alaric Grayson IV.

--- Harrow Stance via Felicia ---
House Harrow supports his rightful majesty, King Alaric the Fourth and the Faith. Apostates will be allowed no succor here.

--- Grimhall Stance via Valdemar ---
House Grimhall honors its oaths, of course.

--- Fidante Stance via Calista ---
House Fidante stands committed to our unwavering loyalty to our King, our Compact, and our Faith.

--- Blackshore Stance via Skye ---
House Blackshore stands with the Faithful, loyal members of the Compact to support the true King of Arvum, His Majesty Alaric Grayson IV. We will pray for the misguided who would follow a heretic return to the Church in repentance.

--- Thrax Stance via Victus ---
House Thrax recognizes King Alaric Grayson IV as the true and rightful soverign of the Compact. We suffer no pretenders.

--- Malvici Stance via Calypso ---
House Malvici stands with the Faith, with the Compact, and with the true king, Alaric IV.

--- Tessere Stance via Sabine ---
House Tessere abides in our sworn loyalty to his Majesty, King Alaric Grayson IV and honours her Majesty, Queen Consort Symonesse Grayson, for her continued service to Crown and Compact.

--- Tyde Stance via Archeron ---
House Tyde cannot believe any would ever consider breaking oaths of fealty, and certainly never would. As the foremost traditionalist Duchy of the Isles, we know the value of stability and order in the face of implacable foes.

--- Keaton Stance via Reigna ---
Keaton takes all oaths as bonds, we will not falter in our service to the rightful King Alaric Grayson, fourth of his name, and the Faith of the Pantheon which guides us ever onward.

--- Blackram Stance via Gaston ---
House Blackram also rejects the Pretender that is the so-called Dune Emperor. We stand firmly behind His Majesty Alaric Grayson, Fourth of His Name. Those who are enemies to the Crown shall drown in their own blood.

--- Greenmarch Stance via Marius ---
After a lot of soul searching, Greenmarch is not opting to align ourselves with the brutal eurusi tyrant currently advocated by someone who views prodigal houses like mine as an existential threat to the Compact and wants us all dead.

--- Rivenshari Stance via Eshra ---
Though rivers may bend and turn, deep waters still hold true. Rivenshari stand by their Oaths.

--- Scholars Stance via Sina ---
The Scholars of Vellichor recognize King Alaric, the Fourth of his Name, as the true and rightful ruler of the Compact. Alaric, the Third of his Name, has embraced ideology that stands in opposition to the benevolent Pantheon.

--- Lyonesse Stance via Jenessa ---
There is but one true King of the Compact, and that is His Majesty King Alaric Grayson, the Fourth of His Name. House Lyonesse will not abide by any pretender, and we Lyons stand in support of the Faithful and our rightful King.

--- Whitehawk Stance via Silas ---
House Whitehawk remains steadfast in their loyalty to His Majesty, the Compact he oversees.

--- Laurent Stance via Cristoph ---
LOYAL TO THE QUEEEN - Words of House Laurent from its inception. We reject these insults on Queen Symonesse and naturally uphold our duty and fealty to King Alaric Grayson IV.

--- Magnotta Stance via Domonico ---
House Magnotta may be a new House far removed from the rest of the Compact but it holds true to its oaths and swears to protect the Cyrto Arch for King Alaric IV, the Compact and the Faith.