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Admiral of the Redrain Navy

Posted by Marian on 06/08/20
It is my honor, as Warchief to Redrain, to announce that the appointment of Admiral to the Redrain Navy has been bestowed to Prince Lorenzo Redrain. The Faith's recognition of his defense of the Compact and his ongoing efforts to protect our waterways has shown us that he is worthy of defending House Redrain by sea. Please join me in congratulating Prince Lorenzo Redrain for his new appointment.

Princess Marian Redrain
Warchief of House Redrain

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
To continue a fight because it is right, to hold the route of retreat open should it be needed, was a noble and honourable act.

--- Laurent Stance via Jael ---
House Laurent congratulates our cousin-by-marriage on his recent and well-earned honors.