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Redrain-Magnotta Betrothal

Posted by Darren on 06/05/20
It is my pleasure to announce the betrothal of Princess Rawen Redrain to Count Domonico Magnotta. Upon successful completion of their betrothal period of three months, and with the approval of House Redrain and House Magnotta, as well as the Faith of the Pantheon, Princess Rawen Redrain and Count Domonico Magnotta shall be joined in marriage. Once so joined, Princess Rawen Redrain will join House Magnotta and thenceforth be known as Countess-Consort Rawen Magnotta. May the bond this creates strengthen both our Houses for generations to come.

Prince Darren Redrain
Highlord of the Northlands

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
Some lovely news, and may the two know what peace they can find, and win what battles they must, and do both with honour and faith.

--- Ravenseye Stance via Aella ---
Ravenseye will answer the call.