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Shepherd Musical Chairs

Posted by Malcolm on 06/03/20
I promise you all it ain't as fun as it sounded in my head. Still, not sorry, because it's half-true.

On this twenty-seventh (or eighth) day of the fifth month of this year, I (Duke Shepherd) have spontaneously made inner-House promotions. They are, as follows: Countess-Consort Delilah Shepherd now speaks equally for Graypeak - not just with my voice, but her own as castellan - on account she's been a good addition and I owe her some kind of thank-you for that. Also, with that space vacated - I name Lady Jennyva Shepherd as my Voice once more. (Once she gets back from Graypeak.)

Lastly, Thalamina (talking to you, Mina) will be the one that leads our archers and cavalry (if she wants.)

None More True,
Duke Malcolm Shepherd.

--- Shepherd Stance via Malcolm ---
OOPS. I meant Duchess-Consort Delilah Shepherd. Duchess! Sorry.