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Crown Food Stockpiles

Posted by Eleanor on 05/19/20
In response to the ongoing market shortages, the Crown is opening its stockpiles of food to ensure that all citizens of Arx are secure and well-fed. This effort will be overseen by Duchess Khanne Halfshav, the Crown Minister of Agriculture. It is for precisely moments like this that many hard-working members of the Compact have worked to build up these reserves. The Crown thanks all of you who have been involved in any of these efforts.

Additionally, the Crown is working with all of the Great Houses to find alternate routes for supply chains, should the whirlpool continue to block our harbor.

In service to King and Compact,
Dame Eleanor Allenatore
Lord Commander of the King's Own
Voice of the Crown

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
We have every faith in the Crown to look after its subjects in the lowers and to ensure for the prosperity of Arx.