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To the People of Arx

Posted by Dio on 05/17/20
Those yearning for freedom, for food and for coin, House Seraceni welcomes you. The sea offers its bounty to fill bellies, the colonies in the Saffron Chain are in need of honest labor, and enemy ships await those with the skill and courage to plunder them. The only silks you see will be sailing with you through squalls, or fighting by your side on warships. The only brocade you'll find is that which you'll take from slavers' ships, well earned by your own deeds.

Do not lose hope. Sail with us and worship Skald with a saber, Mangata before the mast, or Gild with work in the colonies. Together, we will take everything.

Marquis Dio Seraceni
Count of the March of Ischia

--- Valorous Few Stance via Shard ---
Does Seraceni have enough ships and enough silver for a few hundred thousand people? Your House motto isn't really doing you any favors here.

--- Corsetina Stance via Mirari ---
Yeah because what the people of Arvani need is the help of pirates turned Neo Noble.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
Inviting the King's subjects to abandon Arx for your own holdings is a...wait, Ailith told me how to be diplomatic. It is a "Bold move". Yes.