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Commons Relief Efforts

Posted by Perronne on 04/30/20
To the good people of Arx:

It is the deep of winter, and there seems to be an unexpected water feature blocking the mouth of our harbor. This has created undue strain upon the supplies of the city, particularly those necessities such as food for those who need it the most. As a result, the Crown has charged the Commoners Council to determine what efforts are being made to provide relief for the commons, so that the Council and the Crown can supplement those efforts with maximum effectiveness.

Okay, what all of that actually MEANS is - if you're doing something to directly help out people who are suffering from the effects of this whirlpool, let us know! Especially if you'd like some additional help from the Council or the Crown, whether that's money or wagons, or whatever! Likewise, if you know a group or neighborhood that's in very high need, we'd like to know that, too, so that we can see what can be done. We all hope that this whirlpool goes away soon, but until it does, we're going to do what we can to help! And no, I have no idea what caused it, and I don't think you can sail over it. But if you do sail over it and don't smash into a million pieces and drown, let me know! Just send me, or any other member of the Commoners Council a quick message with what you're doing, what help you would like, or who you think needs help the most right now!

Perronne Amboise
Representative, Commoners Council (and Merchant Extraordinaire)