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House Crovane News

Posted by Fianna on 04/12/20
I am pleased to announce the appointment of my sister, Lady Clara Crovane, as my third Voice. She will serve alongside Duke-consort Kaldur and Lord Rysen in this role, and their words will carry equal weight in representation of the duchy of Stormwall. In addition to her role as Voice, Lady Clara will also serve as Minister of Loyalty for House Crovane.

I also announce that Lady Pepper has joined House Crovane through her marriage with Lord Adarian Crovane. They were wed in a small ceremony with their immediate families present and had a small celebration hosted at our ducal estate in Arx. May the gods and spirits bless their happy union.

By my hand,

Duchess Fianna Crovane
Duchess of Stormwall

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
Only a habenero-minded fool wouldn't let this announcement put some pep in her step! Congratulations.

--- Malvici Stance via Eirene ---
House Malvici wishes our Pepper and her Adrian much happiness in their marriage.