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Heir to House Wyrmguard

Posted by Dominique on 03/29/20

House Wyrmguard is proud to announce the birth of a baby boy as of 1/1/1013. Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard has delivered Lord Dashiell Wyrmguard in the early morning hours of the new year. Mother and son are both healthy and resting and we invite the city to join us in celebration along with the citizens of Blancbier as the heir has been born. For the week there will be free drinks all day and night at Sleepless Knights.


Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard

--- Grayson Stance via Liara ---
House Grayson is delighted to hear of the birth, and offers its hearty congratulations to both Marquessa Dominique and to Marquis-Consort Calarian.

--- Telmar Stance via Ansel ---
House Telmar wishes to extend its congratulations to the Marquessa and Marquis-Consort on the birth of their son.

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
I hear he's already Dashi-elling. Congratulations.