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To the East

Posted by Preston on 02/15/20
Many will have heard the words of Blessed Astraea when she declared the fight against Eurus was a just cause. This freed the hand of the Templars to call up our levies to serve beyond their Parishes. But the fight to hold our eastern frontier is more than simply just, it is necessary and in defense of the Gods and their commands.

Gloria commands us to protect the innocent, yet we know how Eurusi servants suffer and die in their bizzare worship of the Abyss. Skald commands that people be free, yet the Eurusi chain them as slaves. The Sentinel commands that we are just, yet their empire is built on cruelty and injustice. There can be no accomodation, no toleration, no compromise.

The Assembly of Peers was asked, kindly, to liberate those held as slaves. To eventually take this fight to Eurus as liberators, as brothers and sisters under the Gods, not as conquerors. The Templars heard this request and have no ties that bind our hands, and will not feign deafness at the clarion call of the Gods. For the first time in generations, the crusade banners of the Faith shall unfurl.

I announce the formation of the First Eurusi Crusade, to defend the east, to liberate the Mourning Isles of the Eurusi and their allies, and to purge the heresy. With the help of the Gods, this done we will find a way to form a new Crusade to Eurus itself. There is a choice all must face now, to walk the path of the Gods or to turn from their light. For after today there can be no doubt in relation to Eurusi liberation: The Gods wish it.

Sir Preston Godsworn
Grandmaster, Holy Knights of the Temple
"Sword of the Faith, Shield of the Righteous"

--- Clearlake Stance via Acantha ---
House Clearlake will stand with the Faith and shall endeavor to aid the Templars in this situation.