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Velenosa-Valardin Betrothal

Posted by Jaenelle on 02/13/20

The forging of bonds during periods of unpredictability can establish the foundation for stronger alliances. With this in mind, I would like to announce the betrothal between Princess Saoirse Velenosa and Prince Beaumont Valardin, the latter becoming Prince Beaumont Velenosa after the ceremony.

House Velenosa and House Valardin have confidence this union will bring not only bring our houses closer but strengthen our commitment to protect the Compact and Faith in troubling times.

Archduchess Regent Jaenelle Velenosa
Archduchess Regent of Lenosia, Grand Duchess Regent of the Lyceum

--- Redrain Stance via Darren ---
Excellent news! Redrain wishes the couple many BEAUtiful children and SAO many strong years together.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
This is generally rather nice. We will ensure a proper copy of the Orthodox Order of Service and a copy of the music for the really good long canticles make their way into Prince Beaumont's luggage, along with a whiskey bottle filled with tea.

--- Grimhall Stance via Sanya ---
Grimhall couldn't be more pleased to hear of this union. May both /great/ houses thrive from here onwards.

--- Telmar Stance via Ansel ---
Telmar wishes the Prince and Princess all the best in their upcoming union.

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
Thank the gods, I can stop SAOIRSE-ing.

--- Harlequins Stance via Hamish ---
What a comBO! MONTion this to me and I'll say I SAOIRSE approve of it!