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Knight Marshal of the Northlands

Posted by Preston on 02/10/20
With the Eurusi coming to our shores, and other enemies active in our lands, the Templars are spending more of our time working with our faithful nobility. This has led to great victories for the Compact, but where those communications were not there, we have seen armies of the noble houses march into unnecessary defeat. Lack of co-ordination risks lives, and the lives of the faithful can never be wasted.

Senior commanders of the Templars, the Knights Marshal, have been appointed in past times. I will be appointing Godsworn Templars to these ranks and assigning them one of the Fealties to look after. This is not that those houses cannot come to me as they always have, but that there is a senior Godsworn dedicated to building the relationships with their houses that - given the number of houses across the Compact - I might struggle to maintain on that level. Once this crisis with the Eurusi is over I shall review how this has gone.

The first Knight Marshal I am naming is Dame Flora Sanna, as Knight Marshal of the Northlands. She will be our first port of call to the Northern houses, who I know bear joint responsibility for protection of our eastern coast which now faces Eurusi threat. The Seraphs of the North - indeed all Seraphs - can expect contact from Dame Flora or myself soon calling their Templars to the defense of the Faith.

By my hand,Sir Preston Godsworn
Grandmaster, Holy Knights of the Temple
"Sword of the Faith, Shield of the Righteous"