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In Response to Prince Falak

Posted by Alaric on 01/27/20
The people of Arvum do not recognize your prophet, nor do they fear the threats you make towards one of our Houses. Those that serve the Compact are shieled by it. Those who threaten it will find that our swords are more than sharp enough to handle what comes. And those who seek to enslave a people will find that our backs will not be bowed nor our necks and wrists shackled. Your words fall meaningless, as we are a people bolsted by our Faith and strengthened by our unity. Our heads are held high, and our gaze shies not away from those who wish us ill. We see you, Falak, and who you represent. And now, those who you enslaved see us, and what we represent. And they will be the better for it.

Return back to your desert, with the knowledge that this is not a fight you want to pick.