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Mazetti-Rubino Marriage

Posted by Cambria on 12/26/19
Joyously, I announce the marriage of Lord Marzio, General of the II Hydra Legion, to the outstanding Lady Miranda of House Rubino in a private ceremony. Lady Miranda joins my House, and shall now be known as Lady Miranda Mazetti. A public celebration of their nuptials is soon to follow.

Without the approval and guidance from the Faith of the Pantheon, this union could not have taken place. In gratitude, House Mazetti shall be making a donation to this honored pillar of our society.

By my hand,
Duchess Cambria Mazetti

--- Telmar Stance via Tesha ---
House Telmar congratulates House Mazetti on the wedding and hopes that the couple live long and happily together.

--- Fidante Stance via Calista ---
House Fidante offers many jubilant congratulations to Lord Marzio and Lady Miranda.

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance via Grazia ---
Houses Rubino and Zaffria both offer Lady Miranda and her new husband the best in their new life.