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Regarding Rinel Tern

Posted by Sina on 12/15/19
It is with regret that I must again announce the dismissal of a Scholar of Vellichor. Rinel Tern, who was welcomed back into the ranks of the Scholars not long ago on a probationary basis, has chosen to once again find herself in opposition to the will of the Faith, and the Archscholar. It is unfortunate that she chooses to continue her associations with the apostate Elisha, and the troubled young man known as Ras. Association with those who would threaten to burn white journals, break the sanctuary of the shrines of the Gods, or issue threats to the leadership of the Faith is not becoming of a Disciple of Vellichor. She is, of course, free to make her own choices. However, those choices are not aligned with the ideals of the Scholars of Vellichor which, above all, demand that we be the guardians of knowledge. Willing association with those who have written or spoken of causing harm to the Great Archive or Faith leadership is not to be tolerated. For this reason, Rinel Tern is released from her status as a Disciple of Vellichor, though she is held to her vows to guard knowledge.

By my hand,

Blessed Sina Godsworn
Archscholar of Vellichor
Guardian of the Great Archive

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance via Cassandra ---
While the Faith is saddened by this turn of events, it does bring to light of a troubling trend of people who believe they can speak heretical words and not expect repercussions. In the recent past the Faith has tried to be patient. That patience is now at an end.