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Keeping The Breed Alive

Posted by Tesha on 12/06/19

A very small group of people ventured to Highhill months ago to see if they could procure a precious cargo. When they arrived, it was a bit daunting as there was a feeling that they were not going to be able to find what they were looking for. But after a few incidents and one horse being eaten they did indeed find what they had came for.

When I first heard the news that Highhill had been decimated I was heartbroken. I knew the members of the family from my dealings with them. And I adored their hounds. One of my worries was the Highhill War Hounds dying out. But that will not be happening.

House Telmar recovered two female puppies that managed to survive the harsh Winter, but we wanted to make sure that they survived the trip back to the city and the months between before making an announcement about them.

With the other two male hounds that we have, we will be able to keep the breed alive. When Highhill is rebuilt, we will be releasing them to the new rulers of the land to start replenishing the lines further from there. We did not want to also lose the hounds, like we lost the Steelharts.

Lady Tesha Telmar
Voice of the Telmarch
Minister of Coin