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Sons of the Centipede

Posted by Celeste on 11/25/19

House Pravus extends its sincere gratitude to the houses of Grimhall and Stormbreak and to Iron Guard Lieutenant Sparte. The forces gathered by those named, and House Pravus, suffered great losses but did so in the name of Arvani ideals. Let not their heroism, their bravery, nor their cunning go without celebration; they gave much, but their victory has brought freedom and life to many.

Further, let the Sons of the Centipede and any who might follow their path know: The Saffron Chain is not your playground. Slavery will not be tolerated. Blatant flaunting of the Compact's laws and traditions, kidnapping of our people, and murder and destruction of our outposts or ships will be met with all necessary rebuttal. There will be no safe-harbor in Arvum for you.

Lady Celeste Pravus
Iron Kraken of Setarco
Voice of House Pravus

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
Defeating those who reject the Gods and their commands is important work, and we are glad to see the Houses take this on even without the guidance of the Faith Militant.

--- Valorous Few Stance via Shard ---
Break every chain, let every slave walk their own path, and grind every last slaver into the dirt.

--- Grimhall Stance via Valdemar ---
It was an honor to stand beside our Pravus allies against these cultists and slavers.

--- Seraceni Stance via Dio ---
May it ever be so with slavers.

--- Order of East Light Stance via Sorrel ---
The Order of East Light is proud of Squire Sparte's contributions here, and continue to be committed to eradicating cultists and slavers wherever they may be found.

--- Pravus Stance via Belladonna ---
House Pravus is ever proud of its Iron Kraken and her steemed allies in their pursuit of justice and freedom in the defense of the Compact's virtues. May all who worship such evil, beware our power.