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Sword of the Leaholdt

Posted by Fairen on 11/24/19
With the return of Marquessa Iliana Leary to Arx, she will resume her former duties as Voice and Minister of War for House Leary. However, more importantly, she has been invested with the honor of Sword of the Leaholdt. The House Blade, Lastguard, will be hers to wield to protect the honor of House Leary.

So is it decreed,
Marquis Fairen Leary

--- Shepherd Stance via Malcolm ---
Remember: with lots of responsibilities come lots of opportunities to procrastinate in those duties. Congratulations, Marquessa Leary!

--- Grayson Stance via Liara ---
House Grayson is pleased to see Marquessa Iliana returned to Arx and is certain that she will perform her new role splendidly.