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The Apostasy of Elisha

Posted by Orazio on 11/15/19
Since he was cast from the embrace of the Faith, the heretic known as Elisha has continued to write and publish works that challenge the dogma of the Faith and the nature of the gods. We are not interested in his works as political commentary nor as art. Our only direction was that he not speak for the gods. Yet his heresy has continued. Further, he has continued to lead others astray, even unto violations of other holy laws. Multiple voices amongst the Peerage of the Realm have followed this excommunicated heretic into his folly, moving beyond pleading for clemency and into an embrace of him and his works.

The danger to the Faithful is plain and must not be permitted to continue.

The excommunicated heretic known as Elisha must recant. He must cease his writings on any subject touching the divine. He must disclaim all his works of "poetry" and of "fiction" as the heretical apostasies that they are. He must plead before the Sentinel and to Vellichor for forgiveness for all the lies and calumniations that he has spread upon his pages and from his lips.

His recantation must be public and complete.

It must be done before the 15th day of the 4th month of 1012, else this heretic shall be branded forever apostate and declared a permanent enemy of the Faith of the Pantheon, outlawed and subject to the same penalties as any other Abandoned.

Repentance is always possible, but it must come wholeheartedly and without delay, and no repetition of these crimes against the Church will be tolerated.

In Faith,
Dominus Orazio

--- Keaton Stance via Reigna ---
The Faith is our guide, the Dominus the Voice to lead the Faithful along the way. May this wayward soul Elisha return to the Light and love of our Faith, recant and be welcomed back into the arms of our Pantheon.

--- Amadeo Stance via Duarte ---
We are supportive and grateful for the Dominus' and Faith's efforts to put an end to this heretic's lunacy, and to help those led astray by spurious means back to the Pantheon.