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Seliki birth

Posted by Orrin on 11/15/19
In the bright snowy hours of morning, House Seliki welcomed its newest daughter of the waves. Countess-Consort Scythia delivered our Sereia Seliki, healthy and loud, into the world at dawn. Both are well and resting. We invite the city to celebrate with a drink at the Golden Hart today on us.

Count Orrin Seliki
Count of Pearlspire

--- Seliki Stance via Peri ---
[TRUMPET] New crew, report for duty!

--- Crovane Stance via Kaldur ---
Healthy and loud! A proper Seliki baby. Congratulations to the Pearlspire.

--- Crafters Guild Stance via Josephine ---
The Crafters Guild welcomes the newest pearl of Seliki into the world.

--- Darkwater Stance via Carita ---
House Darkwater welcomes little Sereia Seliki into the world and commends and encourages her loudness. May whatever she chooses to do with her life be one where she is always heard.

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
Orringinally, we thought this slow winter would just go on & on but now we're Sereia-ely pleased by news of a birth!

--- Kennex Stance via Aethan ---
Kennex congratulates the Count and Countess on their new addition.

--- Rivenshari Stance via Athaur ---
Congratulations to the Count and Countess. We wish them both a speedy recovery and are overjoyed to hear of their new life.

--- Nightgold Stance via Lydia ---
The People of Nightgold send their congratulations on this joyous day.