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Astarrea's Request

Posted by Llewella on 10/30/19

For generations we have bought and sold goods from foreign nations not understanding their production or the requirements for getting them to our shores. We accepted the mystery and paid the silver for the strange cloths that were brought to us. I cannot say we truly understand the manufacture of these goods today, but we have learned more about those we trade with and the practicies of their civilizations.

What I can say is that Melaeris does not condone the practice of slavery and will not support its institutions.

We hereby request of merchants using Astarrea that no goods from Eurus or Cardia be brought into our harbors; that no product of slavery be bought or sold within our borders or transported through them. We hereby request that these products likewise not be brought into the Melaeris Fasthold in Arx.

In the coming months we will be working with the trade factors, organizations, merchants and crafters that deal in Astarrea to ensure a concrete path forward. At the moment, this stands as a formal request. But rest assured, this will become the law of our land once our due dilligence towards our people and our allies has been performed.

Signed by my hand,
Llewella Melaeris
Voice of Astarrea
2/10/12 AR

--- Crafters Guild Stance via Josephine ---
The guild respects the right of our members to choose who they will and will not do business with. They do not reflect the views of the Crafters Guild but of the artisan themselves.