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From Tragedy, We Triumph

Posted by Calista on 10/26/19
(Penned from the desk of the Duchess of Roses, Calista Fidante)

The people of Arx continue to amaze me with their outpouring of love and support for the tragedy that has befallen the Volkov Family and the people of Volkov Woods. During the time House Fidante has taken Volkov Woods under our protection, we have noticed an increasing need to return the political structure to a proper March with a residing Marquis and Marquessa in order to begin rebuilding a noble house for their vassals.

From this tragedy, we will triumph. It is with great pleasure I make this dual proclamation to announce the marriage of Lord Dante Fidante to Lady Lora, who found love once more within the Fidante House after the untimely passing of her former husband. With my blessing, and the blessing of the Faith, they were wed in a private ceremony in Tor.

I cannot think of two better people to take on this great responsibility, to take great care in tending and cultivating the land formally known as Volkov Woods, and guide it to flourish and blossom, as the Marquis and Marquessa of Roseward, than these two beloved Fidante.

Please join us in celebrating their blessed union and welcoming them now as Marquis and Marquessa of Roseward.

Signed on the 3rd day of the Second Month Of 1012

Duchess Calista Fidante And Duke Inigo Fidante

--- Crovane Stance via Rysen ---
In the wake of tragedy, House Crovane celebrates the marriage of the new marquessa and marquis of Roseward, and offers its best wishes to the newlyweds.

--- Tessere Stance via Sabine ---
We do greatly approve.

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance via Grazia ---
It is good to see our allies making strong decisions to rebuild and wish the best to the new Marquis and Marquessa.

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
We need some Lora-nd order over here to contain our divine joy over this Vita Nuova.

--- Pravus Stance via Belladonna ---
Pravus wishes the new Marquessa good luck. She will need plenty in the foreseeable future.