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A New Assistant Guildmaster

Posted by Reigna on 10/20/19
It is with great pride that I announce the elevation of Physician Rukhnis al Katibi to the rank of Assistant Guildmaster of the Physicians Guild of Arx. Through her dedicated service, her compassion and her championing the values of the Physicians of Arx, I have the honor of acknowledging her deeds and granting her the rank and priviledges of being a Voice of the Physicians Guild. Know that she speaks with my voice in all matters of guild business and deserves the benefits and respect that rank endows.

By my hand,
Marquessa Reigna Keaton
Guildmaster of the Physicians Guild of Arx

--- Crovane Stance via Rysen ---
House Crovane congratulates the new Assistant Guildmaster, and has absolute confidence in her skill, and sincere appreciation for her service to the people of Arx.

--- Stahlben Stance via Arcadia ---
House Stahlben congratulates Assistant Guildmaster Rukhnis on her elevation. Knowing firsthand her level of passion in caring, we look forward to hearing about her new adventures.

--- Seliki Stance via Peri ---
House Seliki congratulations the new Assistant Guildmaster.